Wednesday, 10 September 2008

My Bloody Valentine Original Movie

As you know the upcoming slasher movie My Bloody Valentine 3D is actually the remake of a 1981 Canadian movie also titled My Bloody Valentine. It was a low-budget production, but the film has become a cult movie. The original Bloody Valentine movie was directed by George Mihalka.

There's more than one way to lose your heart... - My Bloody Valentine - Original 1981 Canadian Movie

Have a look to the trailer of the original Canadian movie My Bloody Valentine:

In this town on valentine's Day everybody loses their heart...

My Bloody Valentine

The synopsis and what follows below may contain some spoilers for the new movie, so read at your own risk.

The Plot:
"Twenty years ago in the sleepy mining town of Valentine Bluffs, a methane gas explosion trapped five miners in a shaft when key members of the crew left early to attend the town Valentine's Day dance. Six weeks later, the sole survivor of the accident, Harry Warden, was rescued; he survived on the flesh of his fallen coworkers and went mad. After a year in an institution, he escaped on Valentine's Day and cut out the hearts of the guilty crew members, leaving a warning that the same would happen if the town ever again held a Valentine's Day celebration. When a group of young miners and their girlfriends decide that the town has gone without a party long enough, a murderous maniac in mining gear begins dispatching townsfolk in bloody and creative ways." (Source: Wikipedia)

In a March 30, 2007 issue of Entertainment Weekly, the film was ranked 17 in a list of guilty pleasures, listed among such films as Dawn of the Dead and Escape from New York, and called the most criminally underappreciated of the slasher genre.

Quentin Tarantino is said to be a real fan of My Bloody Valentine, it is even reported that it is his all-time favorite slasher film!

So no wonder that Lionsgate has pushed forward a remake: don't miss My Bloody Valentine 3D!